Martindale Brightwood CDC

Welcome to the Martindale-Brightwood Community Development Corporation

The Martindale-Brightwood Community Development Corporation (MBCDC) is committed to the revitalization and rebirth of our community by creating opportunities for homeownership and encouraging commercial and retail development. Our residents will experience a true sense of pride and community in their neighborhoods through our efforts in:

In Focus

The Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County has received federal stimulus funding to address health hazards and residential safety in Martindale-Brightwood. Funding will also promote local job creation, primarily within contractor services. The CDC has partnered with Health & Hospital to assist with the rehabilitation of several community homes. All participating residents will receive a Healthy Homes assessment and low-cost intervention tools aimed at reducing potential home hazards including, but not limited to, electrical outlet covers, fire extinguishers, handrails and wheelchair ramps. For more information regarding this new program, including qualification requirements, please call 221-2155.


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