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Below is a list of important numbers for Martindale-Brightwood community members.

For Emergencies, call 911:

  • When you are in immediate danger or witness a crime in progress.
  • For a serious injury or medical condition.
  • Any other situation needing urgent attention.

If you call 911, specify the type of emergency (fire, medical, police) and be prepared to answer questions.

During a medical emergency, turn a light on so that emergency responders can find your home.

For Non-Emergency Situations:

Contact the non-emergency dispatch desk at 327-3811. Do not call 911 for non-emergencies or to report a power outage (to allow telephone capacity for emergency calls).

To report non-emergency matters including, but not limited to...

  • Abandoned/Inoperable Vehicle
  • Dead Animals
  • Drainage Problems
  • Graffiti Removal
  • High Weeds and Grass
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Illegal Signs
  • Pot Holes/Asphalt Repair
  • Street Signs
  • Tree and Brush Removal the Mayor’s Action Center at 327-4MAC (4622).

Additional Numbers of Importance:
American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis 684-1441
Citizen’s Gas 924-3311
City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works 327-1620
City of Indianapolis Mayor’s Action Center 327-4622
City of Indianapolis Parks Department 327-7275
Indianapolis Power and Light 261-8111
Indianapolis Water 631-1431
Salvation Army of Indiana 937-7000
Local Crime Watch Coordinator 327-6265
Mayor’s Office 327-3601
Indianapolis Public Schools Switchboard 226-4000
Marion County Health Department 221-2000
Marion County Sheriff’s Department Switchboard 327-1700
IMPD Northeast District Commander 327-6200
Dope Hotline 327-DOPE (3673)
Drug House Eviction Hotline 327-1406
Animal and Rodent Control 327-1397
Mosquito Control 221-7440
Trash Pickup Information 327-4622
Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison, Charles Ingram 327-4139
District 9 Councillor, Jackie Nytes 370-6184
District 98 State Representative, William Crawford 232-9816
District 34 State Senator, Jean Breaux 232-9400
District 7 US Representative, Andre Carson 283-6516

Registered Martindale-Brightwood Neighborhood Associations:
Brightwood Concerned Citizens Association 545-8249
Greater Citizens Coalition of Martindale-Brightwood 631-2543
Hillside Neighborhood Association 926-2549
Martindale-Brightwood Neighborhood Association 921-8608
Oakhill Neighborhood Association 925-0954
Ralston Hovey Arsenal Neighborhood Association 532-6261

Additional Local Service Organizations:
Brightwood Library 275-4310
Martindale-Brightwood Healthnet 920-5760
Making Connections Indianapolis 632-4599
Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center 920-0330
Martindale-Brightwood Weed & Seed 809-0604
Faith-Based Activities 363-7422
Martindale-Brightwood Local Learning Partnership 925-0960
Martindale-Brightwood Environmental Justice Collaborative 363-7422
Edna Martin Christian Center 637-3776
Edna Martin Outreach Center 924-4709
Society of St. Vincent DePaul 687-0169

Employment and Job Training:
PACE/OAR Reentry Service 612-6805
Center for working families/Oasis of Hope 925-6970
Jobs and GED Services 684-2282
Neighborhood Self-Employment Initiative 917-3266
Martin University Project Feed 543-3627
Martin University Adult Education 543-3235

The Martindale-Brightwood CDC does business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law

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